We are doing the work of giving pleasure to the people. We are developing gardens. This is a place where people can do get relax themselves. Greenery is a part of the nature which gives peace to the eyes.

We are designing for landscape garden, executing for gardening and maintaining the gardens.

We have a professional team in the designing section headed by a qualified Landscape designer. We design all kinds of landscapes as per your requirement and need within the range of you budget.

Once a survey is conducted, a Conceptual Landscape Plan isprepared for your approval. An appealing Master Plan is prepared for the execution. Irrigation design is prepared according to the Landscape Master Plan.

All the lives in Nature are beautiful by any of their angle but all the lives doesn't survive in all conditions, for example some of shade loving plants doesn't grow well in full sunlight, many plants like more water and many like very less water, etc.

Designing for an area which is match with its geography and establishment of the things which is able to do survive in that particular condition and always gives an esthetic sense. In short practically possible designing which gives beauty to an area.

We are providing designs with AutoCAD.

Execution is a task that moulds the design in actual sense. We are cleaning the area and destroys the noxious weeds, properly level the area as per the design, treated the area with anti-termite solutions, addition of required fertilizers mainly organic fertilizers and planted the required lives in particular garden.

Just after execution maintenance work starts. All designed work on papers will gives actual look when it properly maintained. Maintenance covered.

We have a professionally experienced team in the Maintenance Section.

We maintain all kinds of landscapes and irrigation system ranging from societies to Commercial Buildings like club houses road side plantation, party plots, factory area etc. We provide full time and part time maintenance services to our valued customers.

Proper watering time by time, uprooting of weeds, stacking of the plants, treaming of plants for required shaping, moving of lawn time by time, cleaning of garden area, washing of foliage of plantation for better look, edging of lawn for proper shaping, timely application of fertilizer and pesticides.

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